Christmas Comes Early With Arrival of Dash 6 Cabs

Dash 6 Cabs for Pc 200 – 750 Machines 


Now in stock dash 6 cabs

Well it is no secret that dash 6 excavator cabs have been difficult to find and even harder to procure for some time , so we are especially chuffed to be able to lay our hands on a bunch of new genuine surplus one’s that arrived in our Spartanburg warehouse last week.

These cab are basic dash 6’s that fit Pc 200 through to Pc 750 excavators (including Pc 60-7’s) with Interiors without any air housing or vents, however they are fitted with windscreen wiper motor assy’s and some interior wiring.

We have 3 types – 2 complete wrapped and ready to ship # (see photos), 3 without roof escape hatch door, and one with escape door and security bars on windows. Give us a call for your order while they last.